Yes, yes and YES! All Hail the Silence have simultaneously shared a new track “Diamonds in the Snow” and announced the forthcoming release of their album “Daggers“, coming January 18th 2019. The electronic-pop duo from production heavyweight BT and Christian Burns had seemingly lived up to the silence part of their band name for too long. When the news finally broke via Billboard that the AHTS album we’ve been hotly anticipating for so long was in touching distance of reaching our ears. A resounding holla of excitement rang through the corridors of EQHQ.

But first, we have an awesome new single to enjoy, “Diamonds in the Snow” where the duo opt for a nostalgic sound plate, by way of using analogue synths. Think along the lines of iconic pieces like Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey “Together In Electric Dreams,”Dare” by The Human League, “The Circus” from Erasure. An essence of what has made those tracks and albums, turn into well-loved 80’s synth masterpiece’s has been harvested like a seed which has been stunted from growing in suspended animation. Until BT and Christian were ready to, expertly extract its DNA and pick out strands of genetically engineered brilliance. To feed into their special album project.

There is nothing else left to say other than BT and Christian Burns have mobilised all their strengths on this dreamy, euphoric introduction to “Daggers.” All Hail The Silence have pulled off a balance between borrowing from the past while pushing the sound forward into the present. Their crackling brand of sonic joy could be rightly be known as the new vintage.

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