Danish emerging artist Nosaint is only just beginning to be noticed by his native Danish audiences. Gathering up information online, from what I understand he’s only played a small number of live gigs under his Nosaint guise. I became very excited about him after discovering one of his debut releases, the track “Like I Do” (which came via an online tip-off by another young Danish artist Ea Kaya.) Weeks later he’s back with a new single, the ominously titled “Dead Flowers.”

I knew I had to write up a spotlight feature about him instantly. Because of his commanding voice and also, the pop current within his music styling being strong. With regard to the music, I sense that during the upcoming months the plan is to get lots more tracks out, book and play more gigs. Just today in a profile-raising effort, he is playing some of these new songs, including “Dead Flowers” at the Ideal Bar in VEGA, Copenhagen.

The new single brilliantly draws focus on Nosaint’s soulful full-bodied voice. It hints to me, maybe at one time perhaps he started out with rock star inclinations as opposed to desires to become an electronic-pop star. However, “Dead Flowers” is a song which spans through a range of dynamics. It has it’s quieter moments where the melody is stripped back and shows every facet of his voice. Gradually the momentum builds, slightly, ensuring the song is topped off with a rousing chorus section. The execution and production are massively on point. Prompting me to conclude. Whoever the team working with Nosaint are. They clearly have big desires for his success which are a match for the newcomer’s own ambitions.

By far the mission statement regarding Nosaint’s burgeoning electronic-pop career appears to be to make lyrics and musicality cool again. The more new music I hear from him, the more I am aware he is striving forward.

You will find the Nosaint track “Like I Do” featured on our newly updated “This Beat Is Poptronik” Spotify playlist below along with lots more, cool electronic-pop songs we have written about here on EQ Music Blog.

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