Photo: Ditte Capion

Well it’s quite been surprise upon surprise that has greeted us from Alphabeat’s Stine Bramsen as she has taken to forge a solo career for herself and which has to date brought to our attention, thoughtful pop stomper debut “Prototypical” and dance pop ascending sophomore single “Move Forward”.

The progression from both previous single choices have acted to settle in a more matured outlook and vocal delivery, to which as we now are revealed of the formidably stunning new single “The Day You Leave Me”, see both these former releases as the groundwork set to bring out the most determinedly commanding track yet.

Nothing sells being taken seriously better than an epically string fed and sonically darkwave rolling, ballad, especially so the kind that raises a lump to the throat! “The Day You Leave Me” has it all spectacularly going off, to the tune of a mansize box of tissues in its ensuing tear jerk reaction of chills and poignancy.

Le Sigh. Breath ….. quite ….. taken ……… a-way!