Where have you been if you haven’t yet heard about Australian act Haiku Hands? This girl outfit is brimming with dazzling artistry and is tantalisingly diversifying from the norms laid down by the pop universe. I’ve been switched onto them for a while, because of banging debut track “Not About You” being, so frankly amusing and smile-inducing. At first, I did have some reservations about the outfit being bracketed as a novelty act. Follow-up singles have helped me push those initial thoughts aside and really get into the same stride as these lovely talented, Aussie ladies. “Dare You Not To Dance” is their new offering. It is another showing of the girl’s wonderful sense of humour which is typically endowed with a good dose of their native Aussie irony.

This time around the girls throw the gauntlet down and “Dare You Not To Dance.” But of course, these minxes already know there will not be much uptake on this gamble because if there’s one strong common dominator which exists in their tracks. It is that they are each individually moulded from a highly rhythmic template and pushed at us, with the idea to get our bodies twitching spontaneously to these staccato punched beats. Sure the girl’s request of not dancing is a hard one to resist. An especially tough call, as they share this song before they venture out on a tour of North America, which is preceded by an appearance at SXSW.

Remembering the report my colleague Raj filed in for us following his discovery of new music talent, trip to SXSW in 2017 where stumbled into his way into a Jain gig. And Raj’s recollection of Austin crowds enthusiastic appreciation for the French beatmaker. I’m hedging a bet Haiku Hands will similarly be another highly anticipated, must-see act at the festival this year.

Open note to my colleague Raj: Do your bestest to have these chicks on your SXSW schedule to check out buddy. I will truly be a sad-eyed puppy if I find out the hype on Haiku Hands is not real. Either way, if you manage to call in on the show, just know I’ll be there in spirit with you. One last thing, absolutely NO dancing, yeah! – Mand 🙂

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