Brazilian electro making duo DeltaFoxx have knocked out a bit of a synth banger it has to be said, in the form of their latest single “Dancing Girl”. As the duo who more readily have their dibs in remixing newly emerging artists have sculptured one energised synth pop bubbling piece for themselves and freely given to us listeners.

Dancing Girl” is my first time introduction to the band and having not known any of their previous works, what I have gleaned from this digital nu-disco orientated pop parcel of fun times is that when DeltaFoxx do party, they do party!

Let me just colour you in with some of the tracks exuberant lyrics as I’m hearing them at any rate!, so that we’re on the same page of standing with regards to the bands, outlandishly colourful lyrical tendancies.

Light me up and bring me down, I dare you for one more round. Smash my balls and break my legs, I will grab you one more kiss

Appears, the dancing girl DeltaFoxx have got their sights on is a bit of a flighty kooky chic, doesn’t it! Nonetheless the track is giving off a credible amount of positive up-beat synth-pop styled voltage.

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