Caswell is the singer who recently featured on the soothing Jake Alder EDM banger “Going Under“. Alder, the prolifically rising producer, struck up a good match bringing newcomer Caswell onboard as her introspective style of singing lends well to mellow flowing beats. Nonetheless, the guest spot has helped to raise the profile of the South London singer and in hot pursuit, she’s unleashed an alluring electronic soul single of her own, “Dance Sober“.

Caswell has a charismatic voice it is smooth but, seriously powerful and full of personality. It will have no trouble bewitching you either because it has a spellbinding quality which resonates with an exquisite elegance. “Dance Sober” from the upcoming “Shadow Aspect” EP, is her first foray into pop. I am enamoured with the way the song builds with every listen. It is consistently impressive and vocally beautiful.

This is electronic pop music which, conveys emotion with blues and soul attitude. A song about dancing without needing to pour out a few glasses of liquor to free inhibitions.

In my opinion, Caswell is getting it all very right with this track. The mellow groove and soothing vocals grab your attention from the beginning. Caswell is interesting that’s for sure, she is still finding her place in pop so, I don’t think her breakthrough moment is here yet. “Dance Sober“, is a step in the right direction and with a little more development Caswell could be an early contender for BBC Sound Of 2019.

Connect with Caswell
Twitter: @caswellofficial