LA-based, Parisien band STAL has just released “The Crime” the follow-up to euphoric, synth-pop single “Fresh Blood” which recently found its way onto my, radar amidst the final clutch of the end of year releases. The project which is the creation of M83, touring member Pierre-Marie Maulin is preparing to unleash, the “Fresh Blood” EP in the spring, with a new song arriving in the form of “The Crime” we have a little more of a teaser of what the mini album will contain.

While the song, “The Crime” is lyrically deeper than predecessor “Fresh Blood” the use of buzzing and soaring melody remains the same. When the chorus hits, we get a good dose of synths holding the pop/rock tune together. It is interesting to note the arrival of the electronic element coincides when the narrative switches into a happier way of thinking as opposed to the reflective and thoughtful mood present on the verses of the song. Thematically, the track looks into modern relationships, and how people hide behind facades (online and in real life). From the press release, The self-obsessed focus on our careers and personal development is “The Crime“.

STAL is one of those bands with the outstanding, ability to stir vivid scenes on their listeners’ minds. Pierre-Marie Maulin demonstrates a growth, of maturity in this area, especially on these latest tracks. A mix of electronic keys and guitars, intimate lyrics, an intense rhythmic base and electronic sequences are the raw materials of the music. Put aside the band promotion, public relations and social media consciousness it’s the music itself which continues to redefine the sound of STAL.

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