Sarah Close wasn’t kidding when saying she isn’t going away any time soon. Since putting out her lively comeback single “You Say” a few weeks ago, the twenty-three-year-old singer-songwriter comes back into our spotlight with “Crazy Kind” an equally alluring choice of follow-up release. This song feels like it is completely breaking into a new kind of territory for Sarah. The vibe of the song actually, seems geared towards the mainstream when compared to the majority of her previous tracks. It’s an interesting move to make soon after being dropped by her record label. It goes some considerable distance in affirming that she’s bouncing back, rather splendidly. When back in the driver’s seat again, as a self-releasing independent artist through her own label The Kodiak Club / AWAL.

Even how the song came about is rather different from the way she usually works. As Sarah explains, “I woke up one day, last year and I felt like doing something crazy, so at 4pm I was on a flight to Barcelona, and I had 23 hours there to do whatever I wanted. I left feeling so, inspired (and knackered – it’s quite hard to bundle all the sights of a city into 23 hours it turns out) and I came into the studio on the Monday, and wrote this song.”

It appears her on the spur of the moment adventure got Sarah pondering about what it feels like when you meet someone new you quickly fall for. The crazy feelings it stirs up which makes you revert to being a kid again. Enjoying a brand-new beginning with a reawakened sense of wide-eyed excitement. Sometimes doing things out of character because, why the heck not. All I know is Sarah Close continues to ignite the excitement in me, with her excellent, personable songwriting style and endearing modern pop songs. “Crazy Kind” takes her off in a new direction. It’s nothing but a crazy kind of cool pop adventure which will undoubtedly maintain keeping the fans happy and intrigued for the next installment of new music releases, promised through 2018.

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