I had such an awesome time at Alma’s showcase at the Great Escape festival, in 2017. The Finnish pop songstress really fuelled the excite in me with her luminescent personality. I discovered for myself she is a sassy, ball of sound and energy. Alma performed an array of tracks, which had me thinking we may have been in for an album release during this year. Not so, Alma has continued putting in the live performances this summer on the festival circuit. Last night I got some answers as to when the album might be coming.”Cowboy” Alma’s new single received its first play. Hottest Record In The World, with Annie Mac. In her chat with the DJ, she explained:

“I had my album written two years ago, but I felt it was something which I didn’t want to do. I felt I was going in the wrong direction.” “I took a risk.” “The album is now 99% ready and I am so, so, so proud of it.”

In the interview, she also revealed the album will be more in the style of her new single “Cowboy.” Which I can tell you now, is sure to please fans of pop, because, after many collaborations on dance bangers in her early career, this song dips its toe into an indie pop vein on the verses but has a melodically catchy chorus. The track has some interesting co-writers, it has been penned by Alma, Sarah Hudson, Justin Tranter and BloodPop®. So, big forces in pop who have turned out many upon many hits for A-listers. Here they all are on one track for Alma.

In going to LA to write her album Alma says, the culture in Finland versus LA is very different. She needed to make herself an alter ego to help her adjust to the LA lifestyle. This is where the inspiration for “Cowboy” comes from. In truth, it is the single in a style which I didn’t expect and that will also be the case with many of her fans. Just because I didn’t expect this, doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I think the track has a very good, groove to it, and the chorus is lively and fun. Going back to her live shows where her big, fun personality shines out. It is though, “Cowboy” is giving us a look at, another side to Alma, we would more than likely not have seen if she had carried on churning out dance tracks. This song feels more, authentic to her personality. It is precisely why I am into it and eager to hear the next twists or turns, in her career in pop, single by single.

Hear the full interview with Annie Mac and the single premiere HERE

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