Charli XCX’sSucker” album release has again been put back to accommodate a last minute upfront single release, aimed just for the UK market. (At least we sincerely hope it to be the final schedule change!)

In an attempt to bring more exclusivity to the selected single choice of “Doing It”, controversy causing pop sort Rita Ora has been given a guest spot.

I can only assume that dibs went to Rita’s participation as she too has had her own album placed on the backburner, or more probably as a strategic move by association owing to the prime time exposure Rita will be gaining with her undertaking of duties as mentor on the latest season of The Voice UK, since it’s not the case that her vocal assistance hugely lends much of a variation to the already 80’s pop indebted track.

Actually “Doing It” doesn’t really show Charli in the edgy arena we best know her for, if anything I feel it might have been better marketed as an overseas choice. It hits me that it’s Charli with a touch too much glamour. On its own I’m not initially feeling a greatness of so much impact, albeit don’t get me wrong it’s a creditable – towing the line radio friendly pop song in itself with a welcoming throwback to Madonna.

I’m accepting to it that sometimes you just have to change it up and “Doing It” serves that purpose.

Now can we have the album please!!