We can never underestimate the impact Pnau have on the Australian music scene, and it isn’t always as part of their recognisable band identities. Brothers Nick and Sam Littlemore of the trio are well-known for, constantly, expanding their creative outlets not just regarding their, own projects but also collaborating and helping develop a number, of others. Sam’s role is more of the behind the scenes, man but his production skills are, etched on a plethora of new and breaking Aussie acts which have gone on to reap notable success. The latest in Sam’s illustrious line-up of collaborators is Triple J acclaimed electronic/pop singer-songwriter Fluir. They are currently in the studio working on the debut EP. The first track to be lifted from it “Change” is already here, and not at all unsurprisingly sounding very impressive indeed.

The unmistakable danceable dreaminess favoured by the Littlemore’s has made its way over onto Fluir’s debut EP project and is a fitting companion to the singer’s softly spoken vocal delivery. The melody and voice, are orchestrated to create enveloping sonic harmonies which make for an intoxicating listening experience overall. The way the song soothes and entertains in equal measure is quite blissfully charming.

Knowing the influx of white Isle club bangers will soon be filing in, a track like “Change” with its sultry sounding melody and vocals makes the perfect clubbers chill-down tune. After, a night spent partying the underlying, hypnotic, synth style will zone, clubbers out, in a wonderful way. Although, equally it is a track that can easily, take you from sun lounger by day, to nightclub by evening. “Change” is a soothing track which transcends typical dance and pop boundaries and adds a calming dimension in the cluttered, and diluted dance music world.

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