The Chain” by Ben Davidson is a storming pop song if ever I heard one.There’s something magical about a singer capable of entertaining through the power of his voice, Ben’s vocal abilities captivate in a wholly distinctive way amidst a sea of aspiring voices. The way in which Ben hits the falsetto notes is particularly, beautifully executed to my mind.

The song narrative deals with challenging social norms and expectations, encouraging speaking out and being authentic to deliver relatable and meaningful lyrics. The brutally, honest lyricism is what makes the song perfectly balanced with raw emotion and empowerment on an equal level to one another. “The Chain“, is an impacting debut from an emerging solo artist, one that has as good a hopeful pop chorus as you’ll find on any empowerment anthem and moreover is a super, positive song.

This song, written by Charlie Mason, Thomas Lipp & Daniel Volpe has got some killer hooks and dance beats we can all appreciate. It is an honest venture into pop by an impassioned singer-songwriter ready to step up to the next level and be heard.

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