You MUST listen to the new WILLA track “Cause You Did.” It is a sheer delight which thrives on a deliriously bouncy bassline of synths and soft vocals which are incredibly compelling and current. It is also something of a new direction for the Toronto based singer who has previously babbled with harder, punchier music styles.

Just because the soundscape of the song is lighter and gentler than her previous work doesn’t mean she has had to water down the topics WILLA has covered or the lyrics. She has merely found a new way to create a delicious and irresistible slice of pop which is just as gripping as always. Thoughts from WILLA on the song:

“Writing, “Cause You Did” was the first time I truly faced my feelings about the person that hurt me most. The song explores my inability to allow myself to get close to anyone since then and how the thick skin I’ve developed feels powerful; like an armour or strength even though underneath that armour is only hurt and fear. Even though I KNOW vulnerability is real, strength. I’m working on it.”

The new sound of WILLA on this song is joyous, a happy-go-lucky type of affair, punctuated with an irresistible, underlying synth buzz, perfect melodies and hooks aplenty. It is also a sound which feels ready to progress her to a bigger standing on the pop stage. Playlists, radio and festivals, are where she needs to be now. I have an inkling all these places will prick up their interest in her the very near future. As it seems to me she now really ought to be seen at new music festivals like SXSW and The Great Escape.

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