My first introduction to the whistful, dreamy tunes of Nick Wilson came last year when the singer-songwriter grabbed my attention with the tender electronic-pop ballad “All The Same“. I found his emotive, lyrical style touchingly affecting albeit if at times a bit too guitar orientated for my taste. Nevertheless, as a singer-songwriter, he has talent by the bucket load. Believe it or not, there are times when I just want to shut-off from listening to colourful electronic-pop songs and enjoy a good melody and lyrics elsewhere. I find it a good way to cleanse and reboot when the audio senses begin to feel a bit overwhelmed. This is only one reason why I am pleased Nick Wilson has a new release in “Carry Your Light“, which is lifted off his latest EP “A Face I’ve Never Seen Before“.

This is a song, I can really get immersed in because it is, enveloped in a lush, sonic soundscape of warm tones. The melody has a cosy feel, as though sinking into a soft cushion of snuggly bliss. While, lyrics are painted with poignant words, about being a shoulder to lean on, to family and friends during times of crisis. A calm descends just by listening to Nick’s reassuring words and comforting voice on this track.

Nick Wilson knows how to be comforting as well as emotionally arresting. His blend of dreamy melody with subtle electronic touches makes for breathtaking results.  With electronic cameos and a soulful vibe, “Carry Your Light” is the song to put on replay until the storm you’ve headed into or any resulting turbulence, has passed through.

Connect with Nick Wilson
Twitter: @uknickwilson