Kyan Palmer became an overnight sensation with his first release “Burn Mona Lisa“. His story goes like this. He became an accidental pop star, quickly climbing the US, Canadian and Singaporean Spotify Viral Top 50 Charts with his demo version of the track after a college music class project led him to roll the dice and upload, his song. Maybe, Kyan didn’t have any expectations, as to the kind of response his demo would attract but he’s wasted no time, swapping vocations from a marketing position at Republic Records to fully concentrate on pursuing the route into a music career as a recording artist instead. And, now releases his third single “Can’t Help It” which has a very mainstream, poppy sound, with plenty of crossover potential.

I almost jumped in and wrote about Kyan’s last release, the smouldering “Hidden Feelings” but, I felt that particular track sounded too safe and formulated. It reminded me too much, of every pop R&B song sent to me, over the past six months. However, I really, like Kyan’s silky smooth vocal chops and I wanted to hear them featured in something a little more electronically inventive and, I feel “Can’t Help It“, brings these elements together.

It is important the hype doesn’t die down on Kyan because the mellow, thoughtful R&B music with smart lyrics, and intriguing melodies of “Can’t Help It” are sensitively, and eloquently delivered, both in vocal and, harmonic styles. With the recent success of Nick Jonas solo career and the steady growth of Jake Miller following in similar musical, footsteps to Nick, perhaps we can look at Kyan as a younger pop brother to both in, an artistic sense. As his singles have shown, they have a cool-pop vibe that would fit in many a Spotify playlist. Spotify seems a good place to grow a fan base these days. Kyan is currently at 38,000 listeners per month but with hot tracks like “Can’t Help It” hitting release, the figures finding and enjoying the music will undoubtedly keep-on, growing.

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