With the wealth of sophisticated pop songs now under her belt, Stine Bramsen’s chirpy beginnings as one-sixth of Danish pop band Alphabeat are drifting out of focus. What the Danish singer has been feeding into our memories lately, with recent songs like “You’re not Giving Up” and “L.A.C.K” are examples of a new compelling style of artistry, where the Dane, not only goes deeper into the lyrical process but, further raises the bar with her vocal performance. The beginning of June signals the arrival of a new EP from Stine, so in early celebration of the release the lovely lady has snuck out another track offering in “Can’t Get Over You” to have us salivating for even more of her music.

Here are a few words from Stine about the song: “Can’t Get Over You“, is about dating your brothers’ best friend – and exactly how complicated that might be. It’s the fight between physical attraction and your own true feelings and how it too often gets tangled up when all you needed was to give love a chance.”

Stine soothes us with her new soft tune, where the lovelorn singer reflects about not being able to move on to find someone new when thoughts about an inappropriate suitor continue to race across her mind. This declaration, of yearning desire, is given a sonically alluring backdrop of punctured dance beats and huge, floating orchestral strings. “Can’t Get Over You” is a dance song but, only in the way it has incredibly, catchy beats, and a, wonderful vocal performance. What makes the song stand apart from other dance-pop ballads is that it’s held together by, a genuine emotional core. The past few years have been quite a musical evolution for Stine Bramsen, but it’s a change in direction that would appear to have done nothing but benefit her, in the long run.

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