When it comes to production-based projects, the way to best unlock my interest. Is by using solid lyricism and introducing plenty of variety with dynamics. On being made aware of “Can We?” by CHYLD ft Bensbeendead, I believe all of these traits have found their way into this track. How fabulous is that?

Hailing from Boston. Multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter CHYLD has spent recent years honing his craft and gradually drumming up a fair amount of attention for himself. His tracks are kinda glitchy, spitting and spluttering off-centred beats. It is the vibe he is perfecting. Furthermore, the style really does possess the muscle to grab at and keep hold of the attention for far longer than it takes to boil a kettle. For the current track “Can We?“, the emerging triple-threat comes together with Bensbeendead, an up-and-comer, and driving force from Portland, Maine, hip-hop/electronic music scene. Their collaboration for this track bears juicy fruit flavours, audio refreshment for the ears.

The song falls under the cute category. It’s just a little ditty about feeling a spark between someone and you. Becoming lovestruck and crushing on them even though they continually resist to give in to your advances. In the instance of this heart’s desires, apparent noncommitment is because of being cautious and possibly shy. Consider the track an unusually endearing find from within the hip-hop electronic music community.

The feeling with CHYLD is that he is a production led artist on the ascent. He has opened up for Greyson Chance on his recent North American tour. And promises more boundary-pushing electronic wares are in the works for release later in the year. After feeling the vibes with “Can We?” I think it might be worthwhile sticking around to see what else this newcomer will drop in the coming months. It thrills to see an up-and-comer who is happily going about making music which expands horizons.

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