There had been signs, via the recent release of a couple re-imagined cover-songs that Chris Glover’s music alter-ego Penguin Prison would imminently begin to release new material. Infact, it’s already out there!

That’s right, electro-pop performer Penguin Prison has dropped a new single, it’s called “Calling Out” and is in assistance with L.A. residing production/ DJ’ing duo Oliver who are credited as co-writers.

Make no assumptions about it, “Calling Out” is Penguin Prison returned on top-form, brandishing his neat skills at crafting feel-good pop.

If there is one thing, which I have noted that previous Penguin Prison releases have brought to the fore, it’s been the addition of a compelling remix package.

The first remix offering in support of this particular synth groovy track weighs in from the quite brilliant Elephante – a producer and DJ out of L.A. who has broken out through this year with a slew of electro-lifted progressive-house dynamic remixes to his name.

Elephante’s signature flourishes on “Calling Out” raise the game further on the already creditable original pop diddy, spinning it clubwise and outwards in electro velocity.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Calling Out” by Penguin Prison (Elephante Remix)

Original single edit available on iTunes