As fans of synthwave and electronica, in general, we just, love it when emerging and, under the radar, artists write in to introduce us to their new music projects. East London based trio Polychrome recently got in touch to tell us about their about their euphoric track “The Call” and to take a look at their sonically haunting interpretation of the Stranger Things theme song. Not having watched the cult digital TV show, I am in a position to compare or offer a knowledgeable opinion about “Don’t Be A Stranger” the bands own, lyrical adaptation of the theme song for the Netflix original series. Although, I did enjoy it, recognise its ethereal elegance and spellbinding charm.

Polychrome has already had a taste of underground success with the dream-pop track “Final Kiss” which featured on fashion brand La Mania’s campaign across Europe. I think the band’s exquisitely styled electronic music is comparable to a precious jewel lying-in-wait to be, unearthed and appreciated for its gorgeous, beguiling qualities. The synths on “The Call” set an affluent, tone which is well-heeled in soft sonics and pleasantly, alluring melody. Vocalist Victoria Harrison has the whispery singing voice, of an angel, I feel sure her cherubic vocal is the same as that we hear when we are a touching distance of our nightly golden slumbers.

Crooning to the delicate, labyrinthine melody creates a layer of mystery and hazy perspective on this track. An entrancing, blend of otherworldly sounds, in an intimate show of thoughtful lyricism pushes this style of dream-pop to new levels of sophistication. As for Polychrome, these are the sounds of a delightful under the radar synthwave band hitting the scene fully-formed.

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Twitter: @soundofpolychro