Emerging act Dusky Grey are wasting no time going in for the kill with a serving of summery pop vibes.

These singer/songwriting newcomers caused a bit of a sensation with their dreamily enterprising, debut single “Told Me”. It opened doors and sent the duo right into the thick of signing with East West / Warner Music Group.

I tend to be of the opinion that the second single release is where a new act really has to begin showing that they have something to prove and in general the second single has got to be better than the first in my view. Quite often but not always, I’ll just hang tight until that second release arrives, reserve judgment before I commit myself to jumping on board with my opinions and support. In the instance of Dusky Grey, I’m glad that I made the decision to champion them from single number one because the comparison here with sophomore single “Call Me Over” serves as some justification that you need to push harder with single No 2.

It seems to me that Dusky Grey are now really getting started with this whole pop malarkey and are displaying a nifty little grasp of melding layers of vocal harmonies seamlessly into the fabric of infectious, pop sensible melodies. Making the tricky match of acoustic melody align and sidle up with subtle electronic styled nuances. Catrin and Gethin bring everything of their previous forays into music. A dash of country, a feel of folksiness but the overall outcome is decidedly embedded in pop, which when all turned out, just so happens to be as catchy as hell.