Things have changed immeasurably since Swedens Melanie Mohlkert began her journey in music fronting the Swedish pop-punk band Tantrum to Blind. Six years as a feisty outfit before they disbanded was time enough for the singer and her bandmates to get their youthful angst out of the way. Staying in music and moving forward, Mohlkert has rechristened herself as Cronicle. It is not the only alteration which she has made. The guitars which once had a prominent place when in the band have been swapped out and synthesizers have been brought in for Melanie’s solo project. Also, she uses these electronic keyboards in the gentlest of ways on new single “Bruises“.

Steeped in reflective vibes and touched by melancholy. The song has very raw and exposing lyrics.The narrative recounts what it is like coming out of a period of personal turmoil. Melanie’s voice is haunting and ethereal and makes revisiting this sad time in life which has been turned into the song “Bruises” feel especially palpable. She sings “You took my breath away but now I want it back. How does it feel to be the one who did this to me?” With these words, she is running the gauntlet. These poignant lyrics are purposefully honest and steeped in sensitivity. The mood of the song is quite a departure from her former indie-rock leaning offerings.

More than ever before in her music recording history “Bruises” is the track where the lyrics and Cronicle’s vocal delivery fill the spotlight. Even though the lyrics of the emotionally charged song are filled with sadness, the delicate beauty of the musical element of the track shines out to spellbinding effect. In artistic terms, it feels as though Melanie’s metamorphosis into Cronicle is now complete. There are further tracks due to be released so watch this space…

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