It’s been some time since we first reported on Irish synth pop band Vann Music, nonetheless in the time between releasing their epically strident new-wave developed “Electro Shock Dreams” debut EP, the emerging synth wielding Dublin based foursome have set about getting their music noticed moreover, on the live circuit.

As the band now embark upon facilitating a follow-up to this initial release, they have scored assistance on board by way of influential producer Stephen Hague, primarily noted of his associated works with OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and New Order.

Now in collaboration, Vann Music and Stephen Hague have taken steps to evolve upon the harder-hitting power lines of the previous material to showcase a softer, more full-bodied approach on lead single “Boy” from the soon to be released “Running” EP.

A combination of experience and band growth through a short period of time takes Vann Music into an altogether differing sonic setting. Sounding strong and vigorously confident without overly launching into elements of rock to propel their skillset in the first instance. Vann Music are now gleaming with some new found conviction and are sounding even more, the better for it.