I cannot wait no longer to write about emerging act Stockholm Noir, even though they are one of those faceless lot being all enigmatic and mysterious like. I thought I was done with masked synth-pop maestros after Sia, Monarchy and Daft Punk had cornered the market with this aesthetic but it seems not because Stockholm Noir are showing signs of being very good in the realm of electronic pop crafting.

A few weeks ago these dudes shot an email over to me about their debut single “Hopeless Dreams” and although, I was massively tempted to break the rules of EQ Music and zip up a post regardless of their lack of eye-catching press photo, (because the music resonated with me so much) I curbed my usual instinct and came to the decision to see what their next move might bring forth.

What I’ve since learned is, this lot are adamant about remaining enveloped in a cloak of mystique. Take a peek at an extract of the bio they sent me and you’ll see exactly what I mean;

WE ARE: Stockholm Noir.
MAY BE REFERRED TO AS: The black shadow of electronic music.
WE CREATE: A darker side of electronic music that has always been present but never mentioned.
WE EXPERIMENT: With dynamic sounds and effects.
VEILED: Behind unique masks at all occasions, letting the music speak for itself.

Even better, take a listen for yourself at the subterranean electronic sound which Stockholm Noir are honing a distinct flair for. Follow-up single “Boy Like A Girl” is even more impacting in sonic allure than the dance-savvy debut, with guest vocalist Ofelia bringing in her hauntingly esoteric tones to further uphold the intensely dark theme that the emerging band are so keen to be locked in with.

I now have every inclination that forthcoming singles will continue to strengthen and build on this matrix of sonically drafted mysteriousness. That’s just fine by me because even though Stockholm Noir have struck out from seemingly nowhere they have some clear vision as to where they are going. I am suitably intrigued by this and am ready to get swept up in their electronic pathed adventure…Who’s with me?