Even though we were quick to support the experimental electronic, hip-hop trio Young Fathers in their early beginnings, we haven’t given the Scottish outfit a look-in for the longest time. Now on their third album “Cocoa Sugar” I feel it’s prudent to reconvene with the 2014 Mercury Prize, winning band as they issue “Border Girl/Cocoa Sugar” as a double A-side release.

To tell the truth Young Fathers music slipped into a grey area for my taste, there has been less of an accent on the electronic style, albeit used minimally as a percussive element. Leaving their engagement with the hip-hop genre grabbing the headlines. Make no mistake the trio has successfully created their own niche. Priding themselves from staying away from commercial and mainstream styles. My main thoughts about the trio’s recent era’s in music are, it takes a certain type of person to warm to the bands overtly left-of-field style. And for the longest time, I wasn’t along for the ride.

Until a press release brought my attention to the “Border Girl/Cocoa Sugar” double up release. Despite also being the title of the trio’s third album, the track “Cocoa Sugar” didn’t make it onto the playlist. As one of the outfits most melodic tracks ever it doesn’t exactly fit in with the band’s dominant off-kilter vibe. A somewhat different scenario with “Border Girl“, it’s rhythmically heavy soundscape aligns with the unconventional, distinctive tones, stretching throughout the body of work.

If Young Fathers were to cut into the mainstream “Border Girl” feels like the band’s attempt at dipping a toe into the water. Somehow, I can’t see this as being an actual eventuality, as not playing to their ethics. For what I expect will turn out to be a brief moment of grooving danceability. Beneath the surface, the lyrics delve deep on world/social issues and politics. Voicing their views on topics which prick the conscience and impact soul. When it comes to, dangerously provocative Young Fathers. The only thing expected is the unexpected. This Scottish trio relish in delivering that with aplomb time and again.

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