Considering the Brits are well known for their eccentricity there haven’t been too many quirky female singers coming forward in recent times, we’ve had to go further afield to Scandinavia and beyond for our quota of pop with an edge when our favourite British acts such as Charli XCX and The Lovestarrs go silent. Wouldn’t it, therefore, be encouraging to know that there is a gleam of hope on the horizon in the form of newcomer S.O.S aka Sophie Debattista a 23-year-old Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter, producer and busker. As she releases “Bloodline” a song with strong pop songwriting at its heart, made in a quirky cool style.

S.O.S independently releases her singles and, there is a quote from her press release talking about how she does this which I love and, wanted to share. “Sophie works hard at self-funding her music through busking on the TFL network and loves that she’s given the chance to meet new people in an unconventional way and bring some positivity into their day through her music.” From the statement, I really, like S.O.S’s spirit, drive and determination. I also think that she must be a pretty good busker to raise the amount of cash to go into a studio to record and then digitally release via her very own independent record label Sossy Music.

Bloodline“, is the third release to be lifted off S.O.S’s forthcoming “Edges Of The Mind” debut EP. The poppy power of this original material has the raw and vulnerable quality of an artist who has creative control. As a result, this is why the track and stylizing stands out distinctively. It is not your atypical unifying anthem in this respect, but the lyrics of the track remind us of the importance of showing love and compassion to the people around us.

Connect with S.O.S
Twitter: @sophiesofficial