It is one thing to interpret a well-known song and put out a cover of it using your own personal, slant, and an even bigger, undertaking to extend the idea to a whole reimagined album. I can’t recall many acts or artists who have embarked on the latter as such an intrepid project but Danish collaborative venture Bicircular, the brainchild of electronic whizz and producer Jesper Seeberg, have done exactly, that. To make the whole scenario even more of a challenge (because these Danes haven’t taken an easy route) they are revisiting the groundbreaking Depeche Mode album “Black Celebration” and shining a new perspective on it.

There is so much that could have gone wrong with this daring endeavour of an iconic album that is celebrated and revered to this day. However, all of the artists who feature on this mammoth assignment can feel justifiably pleased with themselves because the essence of the original is still clearly, felt. The arrangements, interpretations and performances are delivered, with crisp new vigour and impeccable, production, throughout.

I did have reservations, about this album before I sat down to listen to it but any scepticism I had was swept away, as it played out the total of eleven imaginative, reimaginings. Seven female artists contribute to this project taking on the vocal leads which on its own, adds a totally, different spin and dynamic to the songs. Scandi voices have a particularly special, way of working well with dark goth-like, industrialised electronica, this all forms together, quite splendidly, on this breathtaking long player release. Arguably well-known tracks such as “Stripped“, “Shake the Disease“, “A Question of Time” are ones to be instantly curious about, the title track “Black Celebration” to featuring the vocals of Breana Marin is a stunning and haunting introduction to the well thought-out and superbly executed tribute. The title track, which is for your viewing pleasure above is a video mash-up of American Horror Story promo clips and the stop motion video Metamorphosis by Olga Volodina. The film clip is an effective and artful addition to the haunting and otherworldly feel of the track.

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