On the back of his debut “Better”, I think I would actually like to get to know Ethan Breakaway a little better, musically speaking.

A producer/singer/songwriter, triple-threat innovator from London, Ethan Breakaway is showing some well slick and dreamy smoothness in this bubbling, sonically fed ditty of his. Not least, because Ethan has one of those ever so swoony RNB voices which flitters between mid-register to falsetto making “Better” a great new track to know and love, a prime example of canned heat and stirring electro-soul production.

As an emerging artist in his infancy, Ethan Breakaway is displaying an ear pleasing perspective in the subtle yet powerfully delivered, hazy tones that make up the blissed out mainstream cross-over styled presence I am becoming more and more intrigued with by the nano-second. This intoxicating velvety slow burner plays out very well indeed.