I have been of the feeling lately that I haven’t written about quite as many emerging Scandinavian pop artists as I have done so in previous years. Those new Scandinavian artists who are piquing my attention, lean almost reservedly towards lovely, ladies newcomers only, like Moyka, Storme and Lxandra. If I might add another, Emma Jensen can also be counted among this group of ridiculously talented up-and-comers. The Norwegian songstress and producer came to my attention via her single “Rush“, released last year. Her accomplished vocal and spellbinding, electronic-pop mastery, were the deciding factors which switched me on to her. Emma has a new track out, “Better”. It is a brilliant, vibrant synth-pop effort which I am well and truly loving. The only disappointment I am having is, that at the moment time will not allow me to get enough of it into my ears.

On hearing Emma’s gorgeous, wispy vocal.This just makes me yearn for newness from Annie (Lilia-Berge-Strand), the Norwegian pop artist famed for her early noughties tracks “Chewing Gum” and “Heartbeat.” (Although the chances of this happening seem pretty remote.) Going back to Emma and “Better“, she’s giving me a fresh blast of Nordic synth-pop flavours, to savour, on her own. Because the song is a blissful elixir of glacial tones, shimmering synths and softly spoken vocals.

Jensen’s lyrics are super-emotion filled, a release for her feelings about topics and themes she encounters through everyday life. Speaking about the single, Emma says…

For me, the theme of “Better” is to remove the part of you that keeps blocking you. A few years ago, the idea of showing people my songs would be terrifying, almost absurd. I still have issues to deal with, but I’m learning not to be my own worst enemy.”

Emma Jensen with “Better” is giving me everything that Robyn shook me with during her “Body Talk” era. Endearing lyrics, gently bobbing verses leading to a strobe-like chorus. I have no doubt in my mind, Jensen is a songstress and producer who has got pop figured out. All it takes is one listen, and like me, you’ll be hooked.

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