Collaboration of the week just went to RAC and St. Lucia.

No strangers in teaming up to work together, RAC and St. Lucia have come together once more, with some familiar sounds of jangly bred pop, intertwined with a flourish of electronic-steeped sensibilities. They are calling this one “The Beautiful Game” and it totally plays into the signature sounds that both artists are renowned for.

I really like the direction RAC and St. Lucia has gone for here on “The Beautiful Game“. They are not trying to be clever in shooting for the wind of difference, but it’s all about going with what they know. Which more importantly through the passing of time, is sounding very good to my ears.

In announcing the upcoming release of album “EGO” and revealing a tracklist featuring well-schooled collaborators in the electronic pop genre such as MNDR, Joywave, Scavenger Hunt, Karl Kling and Pink Feathers, it seems that RAC has plenty on the books to get me excitable about in the foreseeable future.