Last New Music Friday was seeming like the usual, turn out of hyped-up releases and generic pop tracks. But, when I scratched away the surface I discovered a delightful, quirky tune hidden under the pile of predictable pop songs by the intriguingly named duo More Giraffes. It caught my attention probably in the same way you are now speed reading this sentence because, like me, you too are now curious to find out more about them and their song called “Basement“.

More Giraffes is the artistic playground, project of songwriter, musician, producers Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford. Who seemingly have broken free of expectations and boundaries, to indulge in a passion project with #norules, #nolimitations and, #nofilters. These are actions which are allowing, the music partnership to exercise their creative streak to the fullest, implementing a fearlessly, whimsical dynamic out into the pop sphere in an interesting and appealing way. The duo says they, “create songs laced with wit, fresh beats, and undeniable melodies. It’s colourful and meant to conjure dynamic images you’d double tap in your Instagram feed.”

The LA newcomers dole out pop in unabashed pastel hues and ebulliently de-groovy melodies while shaping lyrics which germinate from a kaleidoscope of ideas. The music has a sparkly sheen and feels as though its come from a magical make-believe world of unrestrained ideology. More Giraffes perfectly blend their fun sound with their love of modern pop hooks and aesthetic, to create their very own unique style of pop. They are pushing their versatility to the forefront and whipping up a genre-defying music sensation with their eccentric and distinguished, sound that demands repeat listens.

If More Giraffes were Londoners and not Angelenos I’d hedge a bet they came up with their curious name from the Cockney rhyming slang phrase “You’re having a giraffe” meaning “You’re having a laugh.” But, as this is not the case I presume they opted for a jolly, sounding name to work under, instead. Either way, the fun seeps out and a bright, splashy, pop bop, appears.

Connect with More Giraffes
Twitter: @moregiraffesplz