Alexx Mack

Photo: Jared Thomas Kocka

We’ve witnessed the decline of pure unabashed electro-pop making over the past 18 months FACT!

So when we learn of a newcomer making waves upon one of our most beloved genres, we feel the stirring tingle of a little happy dance ready to strike out from our tops to our toes.

One such up-and-coming artist other than Betty Who, who is openly embracing towards the electro-popcentric is L.A. based singer / songwriter Alexx Mack, whom I guess we could most imply to be shooting the tunes in a similar arena to that observed by the Katy Perry take on pop sounds.

Alexx’s new single “Bad” comes fully loaded with the buzzing attributes of mainstream gleaming electro-pop goodness.

1. The track is gloriously melody driven. Halleu!
2. The vocals are primed in edgy and dynamic impressiveness.
3. The lyrics are sassily animated.
4. And the chorus has whoo, whooo’s!

Best of all Alexx recently signed with BMG and has other pop illuminated tunes ready and waiting.

BUT ………. if you’re quick to it, you might just be able to snag yourself a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Bad” before the offer expires

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Bad” by Alexx Mack (via mailing list)