They say Joakim Molitor is one of the best-kept secrets on the Swedish electronic dance music scene. Although as an original artist and producer, or remixer, chances are we may be accustomed to his work in collaboration with others. Joakim’s name has been credited as working with Icona Pop, Dragonette, Eric Saade and Cher Lloyd but these days he is striking out on his own accord and in a pop vein. On the back of these successes comes “Back to You” a veritable feel-good track which is high on danceability. A good choice of mood music for impending festive get-togethers.

For his newest single, Molitor has teamed up with Robert Habolin and production duo Sam Crow. I know this may seem a strange comment to make about an artist recognised for his production work uppermost. It is a song where the lyrics play the biggest part with the melody and production coming in a close second place. This tracks purpose really is about driving home a message. Speaking on the background of “Back to You,” Joakim says:

“Back to You is a powerful, uplifting and romantic tune about always being able to come back home safely to love no matter how messed up the world outside seems.”

The track sends out an uplifting message at a time when the world really needs to hear it. An uplifting and catchy pop song with a strong crossover appeal that doesn’t fail to impress. The head-nodding beats and assembled harmonies will make you sit up and take notice. It is safe to say of the track that it will have you smiling on the inside as well as the outside.

You should listen to it immediately.

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Twitter: @joakimmolitor