Norway’s Emma Jensen is hitting all the right notes with her current run of releases. Although I am still enjoying the singer-producers shimmery synth-pop track “Better” which dropped in September. The twenty-three-year-old from Oslo has another track to share. Quite simply put, “Me B4 U” is a stunner. And without a doubt on the premium end of the pop tastemaking, measuring stick.

The track is decked in majestically, pretty vibes. And evokes a spellbinding effect, not unlike the beautiful arrangements that are weaved by the similarly, wonderful Frida Sundemo.

Me B4 U” is about finding yourself after a break-up, says the Oslo native. It’s so easy to become dependent on and lean on the person your in a relationship with. The song is about the feeling
you get when you go back to being just you, on your own, trying to remember who you were before everything.”

Impeccably produced, “Me B4 U” is yet another step in the right direction for the up-and-coming artist. It is a masterpiece of electronic pulsing sounds that race through your brain like a beautiful sonic avalanche. This is music imbued with wonderment and freedom. Pristine and gleaming like unearthing a precious treasure (which amply fits, when talking about the track in a music sense.) The verses are shaped by lyrics tinged with fragile vulnerability. And are reflected as such, in the chilly atmosphere created, by the wafts of mesmerically toned electronics. But, when the chorus arrives, this gets swapped out with euphorically uplifting beats, that are bristling with unquenchable happy feelings.

Emma wrote and produced the song together with the super talented U.K. producer Sakima (R3hab) and Pablo (from The Six).The single is from Emma’s forthcoming debut EP. As long as the mini-album is brimming with quality like these two latest tracks – I’m aboard.

Connect with Emma Jensen
Twitter: @emmajensn