I love it when jens, springs a new release on me because there is the anticipation that I never quite know what he is going to hit me with next. The newcomer has kept the ball rolling with a stream of tracks which tend to be stylistically different, to one another. And it is this variety which is keeping everything nice, and spicy and continually feeling fresh. Besides I am rather enjoying that jens has turned pop chameleon and is showing me his versatility as an artist. This sure beats much of the cookie-cutter efforts which dominate the present-day pop arena. Agree? In unleashing his latest track “Awkward” he also makes the announcement, I’ve been waiting for. He has some live gigs coming up. Too bad these dates are all in Norway! Although, I have hope these shows will eventually lead to bookings further afield, in the not so distant future. Did I mention that he’s supporting Dagny on these shows?, well now I have.

jens now has a growing number of great tracks to share with a live audience. Including latest focus track “Awkward” which begins rather somberly in comparison to his previous tracks. It is worth staying the course, with this one. As I implore, that you simply must take notice of the lyrics. The words of the jens, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Erik Smaaland and Emilie Adams co-write, are the most real. And I love what he has to say about being regarded as a bit blunderer. I hear you jens, and I am with you. Embracing my awkwardness is what continually gets me through my life.

For its many stylistics differences, “Awkward” does have one significant similarity in common with his other tracks. They each have big choruses. You might say the track is kinda quirky, but this fits the songs vibe completely and what makes it delightfully charming. I am excited about how this young chap is leading the way forward with complete authenticity and a splash of humour. I applaud this trend and trendsetters like jens and Myylo (BTW have you heard Myylo’s tracks “Skinny Boys” and “Cyborg“, yet?)

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