Oh my, my after last weeks frenzy of electronic pop releases I wasn’t expecting much to surface in the following days that would take my attention away from my pile of pitches and submissions. When mid-week hit, Nick Jonas began hinting at new music, and if anything was going to have me thrown off course from diligently ploughing through the previous week’s releases and focusing on Eurovision, it was only ever going to be my birthday sharing buddy Nick Jonas. The singer jumps on the Mustard production “Anywhere” and gives us the first taste of his scrummy vocals on new material this year.

It does seem by dropping the DJ part of his name that Mustard is broadening his horizons a bit from his once, heavy, involvement with the hip-hop genre. Without the wordplay and beatboxing to off-set, his former ratchet stylised beats, the producer breaks away with a sound which could easily be compared with that of Timbaland. As we’ve come to realise throughout Nick’s successful solo career, we’ve come to realise throughout Nick’s successful solo career, bringing a touch of the R&B and urban soundscape into his music works to an advantage, against his sexily primed vocal chops.

The collaboration of “Anywhere,” sees Nicks’ voice gets back to being as bedroom sexy as fuck which, to be honest, I’ve missed coming through from much of the singer’s recent music cuts. I feel as though I’m being swept off my feet again in much the same effect of heart eyed pop love as when the singer’s solo career first took off with “Chains” and “Jealous.” It’s not rocket science why these tracks, in particular, are among Nick’s best. The sound is plainly grown-up, while confidently still possessing an air of pop, but boy serving up seductive, sexiness like this does suit him so damn well.

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