Fans of the Liverpool formed, electronic band Ladytron have had a long wait for an official announcement that a new album is on its way. Over the years, since the 2011 release of “Gravity The Seducer,” there have been hints circulating that the band had been working on new material but nothing specific, had been affirmed. Almost a year after band member Helen Marnie released her own, excellent sophomore album “Strange Words And Weird Wars“, the pioneering electronic, synthpop, shoegazing outfit have returned with a new track “The Animals“. Coinciding with a statement about a new album backed by a Pledgemusic campaign.

Stalwarts of the band will be pleased to know the style of the music has been, unblemished by time. “The Animals” gleefully steers along a synthtronic path, fueled by the analogue sounds of yesteryear. It feels like a renaissance and sounds as such. Helen Marnie gives her best moody vocals plenty of new romanticism that you can almost feel the glam monosyllabic, delivery being turned into the uber cool, arty visual as per the requisite, from back in the day.

It is interesting, Ladytron is keeping to a style which has served them well, with not a hint of temptation, of them tapping into the current music trends on “The Animals” at, least. Marnie continues to have one of, the smoothest voices in synthpop, and this new track has a certain stylistic element to it which is missing from much of the today’s current music. Mindful the track is indicative of the direction the yet un-named album will further explore. The need for support via Pledgemusic is evermore crucial to ensure the project does see the light of day.

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