I was going to post the track “American Summer” by Giiants yesterday on EQ, then I thought the bulk share of our transatlantic readers would actually be enjoying their own American summer, preoccupied with their 4th of July celebrations.That is my reason for being fashionably late to the 4th of July party, 2018. Nonetheless, I still wanted to write about this track. As I don’t suppose it was Giiants only intention that the song is played just for the purpose of Independence day alone.

The production trio is one of Ultra Records latest signee’s and started kicking up some buzz late last year with their debut release “Small Talk.” Clearly, these dudes already know their way around a production desk, hence why Ultra was keen to become involved at such an early stage in the project’s infancy. So I’ll enlighten you by filling in some gaps of the Giiants story. They are so savvy, polished and knowledgeable about how to make great EDM because two-thirds of the trio, Adam Bailey and Cameron Maxwell started out as the duo Databoy. Other, third member Andrea Rullo had music releases supported by names like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Tritonal, Don Diablo and was played in festivals/ clubs/radio like Tomorrowland. Between the three of them, Giiants have a pretty good starting pedigree. With Databoy writing and producing hits with other chart-topping artists and producers, name-dropping The Chainsmokers and Owl City, and all.

Their reason to join forces and form Giiants was to enable them to do something, bigger than ever before. It seems to me they are making a success out of what they set out to achieve, already. The track “American Summer” is rife, with foot-stomping beats and joyous lyrics describing typical leisure pursuits best enjoyed in the summer. Such as driving down to the coast, guzzling down some beers, attending get together’s and party style festivities. Knowing American’s have like a zillion public holiday’s unlike us Brits. There’s bound to be another one around soon, that our stateside pals will dutifully observe. The way I’m seeing it if this track was made as this week’s party anthem, it’s got a good chance as being rolled-out during each subsequent public holiday, thus making it this season’s party anthem. Surely this is a better, goal to have in mind, in the long run.

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