Seemingly emerging out of nowhere, American dark pop duo XYLØ have instantly found themselves riding the hype of the music blogosphere in the past few days.

As enigmatic as their entry onto the music scene, XYLØ are keeping low down on information about themselves right of now with only the minimum of details (their names Chase Duddy (Musician / Producer), Paige Duddy (Vocalist) i.e. brother and sister) emerging during these past couple of days.

Sparking a wave of instant positive reaction, XYLØ’s imposing debut “America” almost majestically arrives carried in an electronically expansive cinematic direction of alternatively skewed synths, top lined by a spellbinding vox delivered with an equally beguiling breathy timbre to it.

A subdued choice to go with for a first outing, “America” impacts moreover, with strikingly powerful enveloping omnipresence, in similar cut to the wistfully romantic noir produced by Broods.

A vastly impressive debut which tingles with dark synth magic.

Additionally, which I’m further lead in belief by the calibre of XYLØ’s spectacularly eye-catching press pic, to be of the assumption that they’ll not be a one trick pony either.

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