The Heirs 1

I’m struggling to think right now, if any of our British music reality TV shows have come through with any actual electro-pop acts over the years. Whilst I rest my mind on that thought for a minute, it appears that a couple of years ago during the 2013 season of America’s Got Talent, Brandon and Savannah Hudson, a budding electro-pop brother and sister duo made their way all the way through to the semi-finals.

In picking up on the thread of their story, the intervening couple of years has allowed them to grow out a little and find their place, which is evolved into leading a five piece electro-pop collective known as The Heirs.

The recent debut effort “Alright Goodnight” certainly comes pumped up in electro-pop kicks that’s for sure together with obligatory catchy riff in place also. If given the chance, I can just sense this one has the capacity and impact to germinate into a perfect festival shaped crowd pleaser, this festival season.

This action needs to happen infact, it would make these guys a far bigger concern!

For now I’m happy to enjoy what appears to my mind as largely being an undiscovered electro-pop gem, just bubbling on the back-burner waiting to have it’s time, which it certainly should!