I really enjoyed the submissions sent over by emerging producer Seth Patrick. He writes the songs, produces the tracks, and sings on them. He’s definitely, a bit of an all-rounder who arrives on the scene with a font of knowledge and the skills to construct a catchy melody. Future bass and electronic pop are the directions the newcomer is opting for and, it appears to me, the Ohio born and raised artist/musician is, absolutely making a well-received impression with his initial efforts. I have chosen to shine a light on the track “Afterlove” because I feel, it best showcases Seth’s multi-talents to, maximum effect.

The Chainsmokers are the likeliest influences on Seth’s style of EDM but, there is more than one creative dynamic to the tune-making at play, because noticeably the tracks are lyric, based. The track “Afterlove” is a good, example of a well-heeled style of production, driven by sonically alluring, future bass beats and emotive tones in the heartfelt lyrics and slick vocals. All of what Seth is doing here is as an independent artist. The fact that his entire Soundcloud profile, play count stands a little shy of 95,000 streams in its first three months of operating is a great, pay off for an emerging act. The next step is to capitalise on this success, and hopefully turn awareness into a real fanbase.

What impresses me most is how classy and catchy at every turn “Afterlove” is because Seth builds on soundscapes that float past the depths of everyday things and takes authenticity to a higher level. I’m hoping that we are building up to a pop crossover moment, in the not too distant future as it feels as though it could and should happen, as though its destiny is on the cards. Whatever happens, I’m very intrigued and impressed by all that I’ve heard, thus far.

Connect with Seth Patrick
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seth.zavodny
Twitter: @sPatrickMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sethpatrickmusic/