Whenever one of our own EQ Music artists embark upon a new project, we can’t deny that we feel much like proud parents as we witness each of our acts evolving, maturing and generally pushing themselves forward with their output.

Ever the consummate in their work, John von Ahlen’s electronic project Parralox always seems to be buzzing with enterprise and what also appears inexhaustible creativity.

It should then come as no surprise to learn that Parralox’s seventh studio album “Subculture” will be on its way later in the year. But first, as we work towards that BIGGER release, we can for the time being, be contented in our wait by the issue of a single.

The tone for “Subculture” is set by its inaugural single “Aeronaut” and comes boldly stylised in the familiarly assured dynamic electronic imprint, identifiable of Parralox. Whilst “Aeronaut” is one track in which band mastermind John von Ahlen not only oversees the dramatic production of but also takes over the mic as main vocalist with Parralox’s Johanna Gervin assisting in the backing vox duties.

I got to hear “Aeronaut” for the first time late last year when Parralox performed a couple of warm-up gigs in preparation of their opening support slot on Erasure’sViolet Flame” world tour as it rolled into London. These warm-up performances actually took place outside of a tube station on a crisply pleasant December evening, but I can distinctly remember even now, the synthesized whisps of “Aeronaut’s” swirling electronics cutting through the night air with an almost majestically enveloping ambience that reached into the assembled audience of passers-by and Parralox fans alike. It was, all told, what could be said as a beguilingly captivating experience.

You can download the ‘Aeronaut’ and remixes EP below.