Neon Hitch

Photo: Alexxa Cala

We just adore how extensively Integrated Neon Hitch is as an artist with her fans. For the pop gypsy it really is all about giving back to her supporters, more specifically now through Neon’s self devised fan sourced movement and label #WeRNeon.

Featuring on EQ Music recently in run-up to her hotly anticipated “Eleutheromaniac” debut album release, Neon divulged that whilst working towards realising this album she has actually collated enough material to make two full albums. Not so much a surprise really given that Neon’s creativity never seems to abate and it’s not unlike the artistically forward thinking artist to drop a mixtape of goodies at any given opportunity.

Did I just say mixtape? I believe I just did, didn’t I!

Well as we know already Neon is ever grateful to her fans for staying right behind her as she has undergone her colourful music journey thus far, well seeing as it still remains unclear just as yet when the album release date might be set, Neon has hit upon the idea to mark the numerous 301 numerical coincidences that seem to play a part in her life by hitting the studio and issuing a mixtape on today’s date …….. 3.01 of course!

The mixtape was made in 24 hrs, so this is exactly what Neon has chosen to name it “24:00”.

To save me time in reviewing it and the key-points behind its creation, including its rather fetching fan art sourced cover featured above, Neon Hitch has gone ahead and explained it all.

Whilst our final word on it, goes like this. “24:00” may have been put together pretty quickly, but it nonetheless delivers a pleasing dose of the familiar eclectic gypsy swaggering pop style that could only come from the formidable Neon Hitch.

Our preferred mixtape highlight comes via “Wake Me When It’s Over

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