I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but, as far as I am aware, quirky pop songstresses coming out of Nashville are few and far between. Even though the US state has given the music world some pretty, damn fine under-the-radar singer, songwriters and musicians to write about over the years, I haven’t myself, come across a burgeoning pop starlet like Kat Saul pushing the boundaries in a charming, quirky pop fashion representing the culturally vibrant state.

20-year-old newcomer Kat has been marked “One to Watch” by the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) and recognised twice by the Grammy Foundation for her vocal performance and work in audio engineering production. So it’s not like this aspiring new artist in a wave of many female singer-songwriters coming to light, hasn’t got the added extra recognition behind her to stand her in good stead. Her debut body of work the “Vision” EP is brimming with eclectic musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and inescapably charming melodies, creating an interesting, first impression of an emerging artist who can aptly diversify and apply herself appropriately to many different styles that fall under the pop-genre umbrella.

The track “21 Days” is one that we should focus on to really, achieve our quirky pop fix. The song is a reflective story that deals with heartbreak and breaking habits in general like poor diets. The lyrics bat off of both topics in a juxtaposed fashion but what is really, at its crux is freeing yourself from toxic influences. The way in which the lyrics are inter-mingled give a good understanding of Kat’s penmanship and why she has earned esteemed recognition from industry boards in such an early stage of her career in music. When you consider, Kat self-produced and, independently released this EP, you’ll appreciate her multi-talented capabilities and why she’s one to keep a closer eye on, even more.

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