Alexis Houston

When it comes to taking out a goddess towering pop track, we should know already to look no further than the USA R’n’B pop sensational Alexis Houston, as we have already gone some distance with Alexis’s impressively dynamic melody and vocal packages previously and also being that the lady in question attributed to our Poptronik Vol II compliation last summer.

Next up from the stellar talented singer though, will be release of the “Light” EP and from upon it the title track “Light” will serve as the lead track release.

I don’t have to tell you that it is richly developed in sound and emotion, although I just did and it is! but also empowering, upbeat and giving so much of a R’n’B gospel leaning attitude with an overall pop persona, “Light” really has all bases covered in areas of music excellence. Whilst, Alexis has the vocal draw to bring all the wallflowers to floor to bask in her glorious vocal resonance and pick up a few of those go-getting empowering vibes it perfectly gives off.

Reach out and touch the light!