Having an endless stream of the perfect music can really help your next RV trip go as smoothly as possible. As you move from city to city and state to state having a streaming music service is essential so that you don’t have to keep scanning for a new radio station all the time.

Luckily there are plenty of options to go with that will provide you with hours and hours of commercial-free music as long as you sign up for their service.

Sirius XM Radio
Our top recommendation would have to be Sirius XM Radio because it is perfectly geared towards RV road trips and has something for every musical taste out there. They have entire radio stations dedicated to Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Tom Petty, and more, as well as stations from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000’s. You simply can’t beat the different stations they have, as well as talk radio options and plenty of sports radio so that you can follow your favorite teams while you’re on the road.

Spotify gets our number two recommendation because of how easy it is to play an entire album from an artist that you love. Pick your favorite artist and you’ll be presented with all of the album’s they’ve ever released, with all the songs from the albums available to listen to.
You can hit the shuffle button to keep things interesting, or you can throw all of your favorite songs from different artists into the same musical queue and listen to your favorite songs for hours without any interruptions.

Pandora is for you if you are not really concerned with a particular artist but just like to listen to a certain style of music. You start with either an artist or a song that you love and Pandora goes to work finding songs that are similar in style that you might enjoy.
The good news is you can go hours without hearing the same song twice, the only drawback is that if you do like a song the best you can do is give it a thumbs up and it might play it for you again the next day.

iTunes/Apple Music
ITunes works best for those who love Apple products and like to remain faithful to the brand. It lets you play your music collection from your iPhone, and also gives you the ability to buy individual songs if you’d like. You can also go with Apple Music and pay a monthly fee in order to listen to all of the songs they have available in the library.

Amazon Prime Music
If you are an Amazon Prime member you already have a ton of free music that you can listen to with Amazon Music. This feature can come in handy when you’re on a long road trip in your RV and want to be able to listen to a certain category of music. You might not find a particular artist, but if you are interested in a certain genre they should be able to play something that is right up your alley.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music is a good way to organize your music library and play it across multiple devices. You could set up your music using a laptop and then control it from your smartphone. It has no trouble syncing up with Bluetooth and playing through your car speakers as long as you have the right set-up.