James William 1

I just knew that James William had a BIG electro pop song inside of him just waiting to greet us someday soon (well I was given a little hint on it).

That someday soon is actually now, as James unleashes the über bubbly, electro frothy slammer “Lemonade”.

In collaboration with the production whiz of Mr Ruiz (AKA Roeland Ruijsch) from the Netherlands, James makes easy work of delivering a suitably sassy anthem, that’s bumping with club energy and uplifted with soaring keys.

Cementing that James really is a name to watch.  In my opinion, I think in “Lemonade” we have a proper introduction into what James William is all about. If you should happen to be in any doubt, it’s entertainment, fun and living for his craft and I’m so happy to hear it all conveyed so superbly well in the gloriously fizzy pop tune “Lemonade

Top job James!