Andrea Lewis and Simon Curtis duet on “Talk To Me” from Andrea Lewis album “54321”

Picture courtesy of @tomwarman

Last night was by FAR one the greatest nights in EQ Live history as Simon Curtis, Andrea Lewis and Ro Danishei took the stage in Hoxton to an enthusiastic crowd of uber lovely fans who travelled far and wide to watch the trio perform their very first shows in the UK.  

Needless to say, this show was one of a kind as the three internet pop sensations and real life friends were brought together to perform in London last night for a fan-demanded pop show like no other through the support of EQ and Kinect for Xbox 360. 

There were loads of cameras and videophones capturing the excitement on the tiny London stage last night, so send through your pics and videos and we’ll feature them here on EQ for those of you who couldn’t attend the show!

Here’s the first little videos of Simon opening up his show with “8-Bit Heart” and a NEW NEW NEW song from “RA” which got it’s world debut last night at EQ Live

These videos courtesy of purps85