Angelo ft Raff

We do tend to don a happy smile whenever EQ approved artists collaborate infact, its a wonder sometimes how we refrain from exploding with glittery giddy excitement when we know we are getting a double whammy of pop goodness in just the one hit.

With a beaming smile etched on our faces, we are super stoked to inform EQ readers that former label mates Angelo and Raff have pooled their awesome talents together, collaborating on the track “Last Man Standing” which is lifted off Angelo’s current EP “Words and Stones” and follows the initial release of “Bring Me Down”.

Angelo’s pop hued vocals placed against Raff’s soul savvy presence makes for a juicilious union of vocal harmonising as the pairing practically tear into the club energy of “Last Man Standing” with a vigorous resolve.

In their decision to duet, Angelo and Raff’s teaming up further adds weight upon the lyrical content that explores the challenges of the surviving within the music industry for the independent artist, isn’t lost within the glorious flow of pulstating floor stomping beats, but rather acts to carry the narrative with the prime spotlight of exposure.