king deco

We follow up on our Emerging Artist King Deco’s preciously otherworldly becoming pop style with the reveal of “Laila” from the forthcoming “Tigris” EP.

Most notably fans of Say Lou Lou, Broods and Lights should be coloured in excitement for the tuneage brought to the fore by King Deco, as it is the amongst the most exquisitely and aeratedly dreamy synth pop out there.

Laila” produced by Adam Pallin of the similarly on the rise New York synth pop project ASTR, lends his knowledge of lushly opulent ambience yet minimally layered strokes of perfectly chimerical production on the track.

Forming together with Dana Salah’s soothingly enduring vocals, “Laila” proves to be easy listening material for the unwinding of minds and capturing of fluttering hearts.