Lady Gaga is so sweet…every day I find myself falling more and more in love with her and quality pop tuneage.  Waiting for her debut album “The Fame” to drop is almost painful as “Just Dance” is one of THE best female pop records made this year. It comes as no surprise that I got a little excited when I sat Lady Gaga down to answer some questions?  In this chat with Lady Gaga, the sassy minx talks about the antics on the set of “Just Dance”, what really happened at The Miss Universe pageant and her love for the gays…read on…

EQ: Well hello Lady Gaga – You must be feeling pretty good that “Just Dance” is being so well received…
Lady Gaga: For sure, yeah man it’s really amazing!

So reading through your colorful biography, I see you cite Peg Bundy from Married With Children as an icon. Ok, you just have to elaborate on that one a little bit more! Go on…
I just really like the way she dresses. I think she’s really funny. I used to watch her growing up. She’s a sassy chicky.

So you have a new album coming out called “The Fame”. What is the concept behind the record? What sort of sounds can we expect?
It’s definitely dramatic, futuristic pop even though it’s very retro as well. It sorta combines all those elements. The concept behind “The Fame” is the idea is that you can encompass fame from within and feel famous and pretty much convince every one else that you are too by really valuing your references and everything you do in life. As opposed to waiting for it come to you or taking it to media or being a celebrity. It’s something from within. I want every one who listens to the record to keep that in mind and hear the struggle that I’m talking about.

So you worked with Akon and Colby O on your new track – what are they like to work with?
Akon is really amazing. I actually didn’t write the song with Colby but I worked with him when he did the duet on it and Colby’s voice is just incredible and he’s a sweet young talent and I expect a lot of really great things from him. And Akon, he’s a frickin superstar! He can write good records and it’s just unbelievable and I’m just very blessed for a weird girl from New York, I’m very blessed to be working with people like Akon – who believe in me so much.

Did you have a lot of fun making the video for “Just Dance”?
It was so fun! It was so much fun I want to relive it every day!


Were any fashionitas harmed in the filming of the video?
I was! It was just like mayhem you know! People were like falling everywhere! I was so upset because I got my Versace shoes wet during the pool scene. For the sake of art! Sorry Donnatella!

Everyone’s talking about the whale now…
I know, I love that scene! That’s my favourite scene! I think it’s so incredible. I think I look the ‘most relaxed’ in that scene than I do in the whole video. I look just so at home – it was great. So much fun!

We couldn’t help but notice that you conjured up a bit of Kylie with the microphone scenes…
I don’t really feel like Kylie Minogue has copyright on that microphone scene. But I actually thought it was more like 80’s – like Tiffany! That’s what I was going for in that scene! But Kylie’s cool too!

A lot of your personal touch goes into your costumery and performance. Is it just as much work crafting up original imagery and style as making a quality pop record?
Hell yeah! Fuck yes actually! I put the same amount of energy into the music as I do into the design and that’s why I don’t sleep!

You’ve been getting a lot of comparison lately to early Madonna in the 80’s. How do you feel about that?
That feels great! Thank You – wow!

What’s your favourite Madonna song? You must have one…
My favourite Madonna song…Um, probably “Cherish”. Or “Borderline”. I love “Borderline” – geez, what a frickin great pop record!

How do you respond to people who are saying you’re trying to be like Gwen Stefani?
I mean I just feel like nobody has any other references to blonde women other than Gwen, Madonna and Debbie Harry. So it’s not like my fault that people don’t know more about music! Not to sound crass, but I don’t really feel I’m anything like Gwen – other than I have blonde hair!

So you recently performed at the Miss Universe pageant. What was going on in your mind when you were on that stage surrounded by some of the most beautiful women of the world strolling about to your song? Surreal?
Yeah it was amazing, at first I was like, can you believe my first major television appearance, other than the Logo Awards, is gonna be with like 80 of the most beautiful, stunning women of the world! But y’know, it’s not my goal to think I’m like the most beautiful thing alive. My goal is for the world to think that I’m important as an artist and as a music figure. In that way, that performance for me made me feel really privileged and thankful for the opportunity. Yeah it was surreal. I got up on that stage and all I was thinking to myself was “you better find that lens and sing that song to all those people!”

Any funny stories about that gig?
Jerry Springer asked for my number!

Oh my god!
But in like a nice way! He wasn’t like hitting on me, he wanted to talk to me about my work! And I love Jerry Springer, so I was like so excited. Melanie C wants to do some work with me too. There aren’t any really funny stories from the gig, but just a really amazing experience overall. All of the contestants were so sweet and it feels nice to know that women who are that beautiful, have good hearts! They were all just the sweetest girls! But nothing really funny…

I think the Jerry Springer bit is pretty funny!
I know, I was so excited. I was like “really Jerry?” And he kept saying “You’re really great. Really great! You got that thing! You’re really great! Give me your information.” I was like “ok!” He had so much charisma on the show and so did Melanie C – so it was a great team up!

And speaking of fun gigs…you did San Francisco Pride too – How important is it to you to make records that the gay community can identify with.
When I’m writing records, I don’t really think about targeting a gay audience. I just grew up with a lot of gay friends and I was a dancer, in theater, and a lot of my friends are gay. It’s sort of like you’re a product of your own environment and I really relate and am a part of that community in so many ways. I was so choked up on stage when I was there. Being asked to play main stage at San Francisco Pride is such an honor and Hecklina from Trannyshack in San Francisco was like “you gotta play pride”. And I said “Really? You think they would want to have me?” And she said, “ARE YOU KIDDING?” When I got the phone call about playing the main stage, I couldn’t breathe, I was so excited. My love for the gay community and my appreciation for the support is beyond anything I could ask for and I wouldn’t give it up.

So tell us about your track “Boys Boys Boys”. Is it really the female equivalent to Motley Crew’s “Girls Girls Girls”?
Well that’s how it started! It’s so funny because when I wrote that I didn’t even realize the response that it would get from the gay community. Then naively I played it at a gay club one night and everyone started freaking out! And I was like “oh man this is perfect”. But yeah that’s how that track started. I didn’t intend for it to sound like the Motley Crew record. I intended it to be my version of it. I was dating this guy who was really into metal and I actually wrote the song to impress him. I wanted to write a pop song I know he would like.

Speaking of boys, boys boys, do you have a special boy now?
I have lots of special boys! And girls!

Well that’s it Lady Gaga – thanks for your time. Any parting words for our EQ readers?
I love you! And I too am an electroqueer!

Thanks to Nathalie for organizing the chat with da lovely Lady Gaga. Don’t forget to get “The Fame” when it drops at your favourite cd or digital outlet. Something tells us that Lady Gaga is going to be pretty massive EQs…